Motion to Reconsider

A motion to reconsider is a procedural action in the Oklahoma Legislature that allows a member the option to bring a bill or resolution back for another vote. In most cases, a member must serve notice of a motion to reconsider on the same day the vote was taken. The motion must be made within the succeeding three legislative days, or else the motion expires.  In the final days of session or prior to deadlines, legislative rules may require that all motions to reconsider be introduced on the same day as the initial vote.

Notice of a motion to reconsider is most often made by the author of a bill. When a bill has failed, a motion to reconsider may provide another chance to muster the votes to pass the bill. When a bill has passed, the author may serve notion of a motion to reconsider as a preemptive gesture to prevent someone who has voted against the bill from serving notice to reconsider and thus gaining control of the process.


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