New & Improved: Detailed, interactive county-level data tables

INSURANCEPICToday Oklahoma Policy Institute published detailed county-level tables on 12 key social and economic indicators, now including time series data. The new tables on our State & County Data resource page cover topics such as:

  • Population and income
  • Poverty and free school lunch
  • Employment in state and local government
  • Labor force participation and unemployment
  • Insurance, disability, obesity and smoking

New: County Data Tables 

Download a table and compare all seventy-seven counties by their change over time in the share of residents without health insurance, for example, or the number of people receiving SSI disability benefits. Find out where your county ranks in terms of median household income, and if your residents’ incomes are rising or falling compared to the rest of the state.

Updated: Interactive Table Creatorcountydataapplication

We have also updated our online interactive database of state and county-level statistics, available at  The interactive data app is available for free, 24-hours a day and serves as a comprehensive hub for publicly available state and local data. This tool is useful for anyone interested in reliable, easy-to-use, state and local data. Use the database to generate, view, explore, and download statistics across a range of topics and time periods. You can find statistics on:

  • individual & family income;
  • crime rates & firearm licenses;
  • demographics;
  • health and education;
  • & much more.

CountySTATs 2014

CountySTATs 2014 are colorful, two-page factsheets featuring over 20 key indicators to provide a snapshot of your county. They cover demographics, the economy, education, and health. CountySTATs 2014 factsheets display statistics for each of the state’s 77 counties separately, incorporating:

  • Key local statistics at-a-glance
  • Complicated information with colorful graphics 
  • Quick comparisons along a range of indicators 

Find out the percentage of residents who rely on social security disability or which industries employ the most people. Learn how a county’s overall health compares to the rest of the state.

All three tools – the tables of key indicators, the county fact sheets, and the interactive database – will be valuable for anyone interested in reliable, easy-to-use, state and local data, including students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, professors, policymakers, journalists, and grant writers.


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