Oklahoma CountySTATS 2013: New county-level fact sheets


Oklahoma Policy Institute has updated a powerful tool for learning about your county and the quality of life of its residents.  CountySTATS 2013 displays summary data and statistics for each of the state’s 77 counties with a two page fact-sheet that:

  • Displays key local summary statistics at-a-glance
  • Prioritizes your county’s most important indicators
  • Simplifies complicated information with colorful graphics 
  • Enables quick county comparisons along a range of social, economic, and demographic indicators 

Find out what percentage of your county’s residents lack health insurance, are enrolled in Medicare, and how its overall health compares to the rest of the state.  These two page colorful fact sheets feature fifteen important indicators along with five simple charts that provide a snapshot of your county.

This resource, along with our online local data app, is an excellent source of accurate information for educators, students, entrepreneurs, professors, policy makers, journalists, grantwriters, community groups, and anyone who would like to have a better understanding of Oklahoma and its residents.

Our online database of state and county-level statics is available at okpolicy.org/county-level-data. The interactive data app is available for free, 24-hours a day and serves as a comprehensive hub for publicly available state and local data.  Use the database to generate, view, explore, and download statistics across a range of topics and time periods.  You can find 352 statistical indicators related to:


  • individual & family income;
  • crime rates & firearm licenses;
  • demographics;
  • health and education;
  • & much more.

The data app is a useful tool for research, educational aid, policy development, or simply to become more informed.  The site is publicly available and you/your organization should feel free to provide a link to our online data app and county fact sheets as a resource to your users.


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