Open Meetings Act

Oklahoma’s Open Meetings Act (25 O.S. Sections 301-314) requires all public bodies to file advance notice of regularly scheduled and special meetings with the Secretary of State, as well as advance notice of changes in date, time, or location of regularly scheduled meetings.

Under the Act, agendas for regular and special meetings must be posted in a publicly-accessible location for at least 24 hours prior to its meeting, and agendas must identify all items of business of the meeting.

”Public body” means all boards, bureaus, commissions, agencies, trusteeships, authorities, councils, committees, public trusts, task forces or study groups supported in whole or in part by public funds or entrusted with the expending of public funds, or administering public property, and includes all committees or subcommittees of any public body.  Any gathering of a majority of members of a public body is subject to the Open Meetings Act. However, the Legislature is exempted from the provisions of the Open Meetings Act and may establish its own rules of conduct with regards to meetings. Several other bodies are also exempt from the Act, including the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, the judiciary and Council on Judicial Complaints and agency administrative staffs.