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State and County Data Center: Our free and easy-to-use state and county data tools include: CountySTATs – a set of colorful, two-page factsheets featuring over 20 key indicators to provide a snapshot of your county; State & County Tables – detailed county-level tables on 12 key social and economic indicators, including time series data for all 77 counties; and the Interactive State & County Table Creator – Use the database to generate, view, explore, and download statistics across a range of topics and time periods.

Oklahoma Legislation Tracker: We’ve identified key bills in the categories of Budget and Taxes, Criminal Justice, Education, Elections, Financial Security, Health, Immigration, and the Safety Net. With each bill, we provide a description of the proposed law and why it matters. You’ll also find the latest actions, co-sponsors, and links to additional resources and news updates. Bill information is updated nightly.

2019 Legislative Primer
: Where do bills come from? How many make it into law? Who makes up Governor Fallin’s cabinet? How does the committee process work, and who leads which committee? Our latest Legislative Primer will answer these questions and more. Whether you are a veteran legislator, a complete novice to Oklahoma politics, or anyone in between, the 2017 Legislative Primer will provide you invaluable information in a concise, user-friendly format.

Find Your Legislators: Simply put in your address in our find your legislators tool to look up who represents you in the state House and Senate and how you can contact them.

The Online Budget Guide: A tool for users to understand Oklahoma state and local governments, particularly how they collect and spend public money. It is the only resource that combines state and local government and looks at all sources of funding, not just the major taxes,and all spending, not just state appropriations.The Online Budget Guide is a reference “book” that meets the needs of many users.

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talking-headQuotes of the Day: A key Oklahoma quote from the news posted every weekday.

What’s That?: Our glossary of key terms to understand Oklahoma politics and government.