Budget Process

Budget Process

It takes more than two years to develop, carry out and complete each year’s budget. Each Oklahoma budget covers a single fiscal year from July 1 to June 30. For most periods of the year, however, work is ongoing on three different budgets. While one year’s budget is being carried out, the next year’s budget is in the planning stage, and the previous year’s budget is being audited and reported. This section describes the budget process for a single budget year, which takes about 30 months to complete. The box below shows the timeline, and this section discusses what happens in each major step. You can click on each step to see details or go on to “Agency Requests” to follow the whole process from the beginning.

 Before Fiscal Year During Fiscal Year  After Fiscal Year
 July-Sept. Oct.-Feb. Feb.-May July-June June-Dec.
Agency Requests
Governor’s Budget
Legislative Process Implementation Audit and Evaluation

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