Other Oklahoma Policy Organizations

Other Oklahoma Policy Organizations

Many nonprofit and university-related organizations study some aspects of public policy in Oklahoma. Major organizations include:

  • The Oklahoma State University Center for Applied Economic Research collects, analyzes and forecasts Oklahoma economic data.
  • The Center of Applied Research for Non-Profit Organizations, affiliated with the University of Oklahoma, seeks to scientifically evaluate public services provided by non-profit organizations and help distribute information about effective programs.
  • The Center for Economic and Management Research of the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma measures and forecasts Oklahoma economic activity.
  • The Oklahoma Department of Commerce Data and Research Division collects demographic, economic, and labor force data and creates community profiles for Oklahoma communities.
  • The Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa serves as a clearinghouse of federal census data for eastern Oklahoma and provides guidance for using these data in providing community services.
  • The United Way of Central Oklahoma maintains a data center that compiles data from multiple sources in their five focus areas; community preparedness, healthy citizens, independent living, successful kids, and strong families. Additionally, there is a demographic section, which provides an overview of the Central Oklahoma population.
  • The Oklahoma Academy is a non-profit organization attempting to engage citizens to participate in forums that identify, study, and recommend actions to address public policy problems.
  • The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs studies policy issues and advocates for more conservative policies and less government in Oklahoma.
  • The E-Foundation for Oklahoma describes itself as a goal-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to creating actionable long-range strategic planning  to grow Oklahoma’s economy and improve its citizen’s quality of life
  • The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy studies public policies affecting children and seeks to create a better environment for Oklahoma children.

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