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State and local governments collect many minor taxes. The nine taxes listed previously comprise over 90 percent of all tax revenue to Oklahoma governments. Both the state and local governments, however, levy many other taxes. For example, corporations in Oklahoma also pay a $10 to $20,000 corporate franchise tax, which generated $58 million for the state’s General Revenue Fund in FY 2018.  Banks and insurance companies pay special industry taxes in lieu of the corporate income tax. There are separate taxes levied on pari-mutuel betting, freight cars, aircraft sales, and many other forms of economic activity.

Many local governments also levy selective sales taxes on utilities and lodging. For example, utility franchise taxes range from 2 to 5 percent and are applied to the gross revenue of gas, electric, telephone, and cable utilities. These generated $137 million to Oklahoma cities in 2018. They are the third-largest revenue source for most cities and are used to support general operations. Cities and counties can also levy hotel and motel taxes, most of which are used to promote tourism or support tourist-oriented public facilities.

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