Policy Research Links & Tips

Policy Research Links & Tips

Where is the data?


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Economic Data

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Think Tanks

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Read the Bills, Laws, Rules, Etc.

Advanced Googling for Fun and Profit

  • Search for a specific phrase with quotes – “wind blows sweeping down the plain”
  • Search for one thing or another – sanction OR enforcement
  • Search for results that don’t include a specific word with the hyphen/subtraction sign – “Chocolate cake” -butter
  • Search by site – site:okpolicy.org
  • Find similar sites – related:okpolicy.org
  • Search by filetype (ppt, xls, mdb, pdf, etc.) – filetype:xls
  • Combine them! – site:ok.gov/doc filetype:xls
  • Designate where search terms appear (in the url, title, body of the page and in links to the page)
    –allinurl: oklahoma data
    –allintitle: oklahoma data
    –allintext: oklahoma data
    –allinanchor: oklahoma data
  • Search by image
    (But seriously, don’t type out this link. Do a Google search for “Google search by image.”)
  • Search the news