Statement: Latest Republican budget plan ignores obvious solutions

Oklahoma Policy Institute issued the following statement on the new budget proposal announced by Governor Fallin and Republican legislative leaders:

Since the beginning of special session four weeks ago, the bipartisan framework needed to end our budget emergency has been clear. Lawmakers must pair a cigarette tax increase with restoring some income taxes on very high earners and ending some of Oklahoma’s extraordinarily generous tax breaks for big oil and gas. These are the revenue options most popular with Oklahoma voters and most likely to win the needed super-majority approval in the Legislature.

That Governor Fallin and Republican legislative leaders chose not to offer this obvious plan is extremely discouraging for the Oklahomans in severe danger due to lawmakers’ budget deadlock. Foster families, people with mental illness, people who depend on rural hospitals, vulnerable seniors and children, teachers and state employees, and all of us among their friends and families deserve better.

Oklahoma’s structural budget problems will not be solved while lawmakers insist on asking nothing from the wealthiest households and most profitable businesses in our state. This proposal simply continues the political grandstanding that has prevented the obvious, popular, and fair solution preferred by a large majority of Oklahomans.

We’re encouraging Oklahomans to continue contacting lawmakers and visiting the Capitol if you are able. Click here for more information and ways to take action.

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Gene Perry worked for OK Policy from 2011 to 2019. He is a native Oklahoman and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in history and an M.A. in journalism.

4 thoughts on “Statement: Latest Republican budget plan ignores obvious solutions

  1. Legislature stayed true to conservative policy and favored the Big Oil and the richest of this state. Lots of room for improvement, and it didn’t happen…
    The bottom line now, is its up to voters to right the wrong and the next election will determine if we sit for the same old, or look for different leaders with better vision for the state.
    Its past time for voters to get real about the direction Oklahoma will go.

  2. I said the same thing sir , its a push pull , give to get , as for self i have not swayed . I want 7% on GTP and 5% on wind and 1% on any other corporation here within Oklahoma . I want the tax on Tobacco removed as well as the Liquor Tax removed , we all like a drink once in awhile , and a nice Cuban Cigar when the occasion calls for it . but to say its all take and no give is a NO brainier. and giving teachers a raise when school scales show, very well ,they have not earned this, and when their budget is already 33.7% I have a problem with this, a big problem ! they do not deserve what their getting now . your sucking the life out of this state and its Tax payers , on a scale only 1/2 of the states population pay said taxes , one 1/4 is on federal assistance , while the other 1/4 are the rich and get buy on loop holes set especially for you and the rest of us cannot take advantage, because the scales are set high. the other 1/4 are retired and barely managing to get buy. and you call this fair ? I call this out rage and most Taxpayers should be mad. I know I am and unless you can find some form of compromise, NO deal !

  3. I’m certainly not satisfied with the tax on oil and cigarets. Up the tax on oil and cut the tax on cigarets to %.50 extra. Give teachers a pay raise. They certainly have deserved it an will leave the state with nothing but the worst. They already are. I agree in part with Alma above that 1/4 are retired and another 1/4 are on assistance with CEO’s making more than ever. That’s is other 1/4 or less. The final batch is the middle class who are stuck. I’m retired so I’m not in the middle class any longer. I’ve come down from about 90K with everything thrown in to $20,000 on Social Security Dissablity. I promise it stinks.

  4. Im not satisfied with any of this ! and legislators once again ignoring the voters . and just doing what they want . why ask for public opinion when all they do is ignore us ? their are better ways and more avenues to solve this , but instead they pinned it all on the tax payer and they consume nothing, as if this is all our fault when its obsessively yours , we the tax payer did not over reach , and spend and spend and spend , so the blame lies souly with all of you . to do this and even consider this is madness . but it also tells me who to vote for come election day . 100 seats folks , remember when you head to the polls . and McCall, Fallin , and Mike Shultz I hold all three of you liable for your actions or lack their of .

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