Oklahoma Policy Institute released the following statement on the Oklahoma House’s failure to pass HB 1054:

Most Oklahomans want a comprehensive solution to our budget crisis. The solution preferred by the majority would prevent deeper budget cuts, provide desperately needed raises for teachers and state employees, and put the whole state budget on firmer footing next year. Instead, State Question 640 has allowed a small number of hold-outs to block the popular will. Continuing gridlock will endanger life-saving health care services, add to next year’s budget hole, perpetuate the exodus of Oklahoma’s best teachers out of the state, and risk costly state credit downgrades.

Lawmakers still have time to reconsider the vote today. Allowing this plan to fail after coming so close would be a tragedy. We urge the lawmakers standing in the way of this deal to hear the thousands of advocates for mental health, disability care, and other crucial services who are communicating the dangers of more budget cuts. We urge them to respect the wishes of the majority and pass the only bipartisan consensus plan that has emerged from weeks of special session.