Bears repeating: Are tax cuts responsible for the state's budget woes?

This week, the Oklahoman’s editorial board revisited the question of whether the state’s budget crisis is the result of the large and permanent tax cuts enacted during the mid-2000’s when the economy was booming and state revenues were soaring.  The… Read more [More...]

State budget: Where the dollars go

As legislative leaders and the Governor continue to work on an agreement on the FY ’11 budget facing a budget gap of some $800 – $850 million, here’s a quick visual reminder of why you can’t address a shortfall of… Read more [More...]

Limiting oil and gas tax exemptions would help bring budget balance

In recent months, with the state confronting historic budget shortfalls for the coming fiscal year and critical services facing massive cuts, there has been growing attention paid to the vast array of exemptions, credits, deductions, and rebates known collectively as… Read more [More...]

Bridging the Gap (3): Leveling the playing field on sales tax collections

As Oklahoma faces record budget shortfalls, the threat of massive cuts that would slow the state’s economic recovery and, in the Governor’s words, “have irreparable and damaging effects on our state services infrastructure,” looms large. This post is the third… Read more [More...]

Lighter Side: A Solution to the School Funding Crunch a 4th Grader Could Love

Last night my family was discussing the tough times facing public schools in Tulsa and elsewhere. My son, Noah, who’s in the 4th grade, offered one of his favorite jokes (from Jokes for Children, Marguerite Kohl and Frederica Young, 1963):… Read more [More...]

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept: Budget forum at UCO

Straight off the press release. Note especially the “free and open to the public” part. Come cheer me on! The University of Central Oklahoma Policy Institute will be host for a panel discussion – “Oklahoma’s budget crisis in the midst… Read more [More...]

Stop digging! Top income tax rate cut should be suspended until revenues have recovered

Even assuming that we are in the early stages of what will eventually be a robust economic recovery, Oklahoma’s budget crisis is not going to end anytime soon. Revenue collections this year and next are projected to come in 20… Read more [More...]

Forecasting legislation would provide better early warning signals

Earlier this year, we put out an issue brief and blog post that identified the need for better budget forecasting as one of the lessons that should be learned from the state’s current budget woes to avoid crises of similar… Read more [More...]

New revenue numbers: Still waiting to exhale

We may never have expected to see the day when the announcement that monthly revenue collections had come in 16.7 percent below the prior year and 20.8 percent below the certified estimate would be taken as good news. But after… Read more [More...]

Why government can't be run more like a business

Last week I attended the Stand Up for Seniors advocacy forum which focused on the impact the state’s worsening economic and fiscal situation is having on programs serving seniors. State Treasurer Scott Meacham was among the elected officials who addressed… Read more [More...]