Interview with Chad Wilkerson: Oklahoma economy still looking 'pretty solid'

Continuing high unemployment rates, weak economic growth, and stock market volatility are all contributing to concern and uncertainty about the national economy. But how’s Oklahoma faring in these turbulent times? I recently spoke with Chad Wilkerson, the Oklahoma City Branch… Read more [More...]

Upcoming Event: 2011 economic forecasts to be released at Oklahoma Economic Outlook Conference

The OSU Center for Applied Economic Research in the Spears School of Business is hosting the Oklahoma Economic Outlook Conference from 8:30 AM to noon on December 7th at the MetroTech Springlake Campus in Oklahoma City. The conference features the… Read more [More...]

DHS Policy and Practice lecture series examines recession and recovery

On January 11th, Chad Wilkerson, the Branch Executive of the Oklahoma City office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will be giving a free public lecture on “The Economy Around Us: Recession and Recovery”. Wilkerson, who serves as… Read more [More...]