Report tracks how large corporations avoid state taxes

A comprehensive new study finds that many consistently profitable companies are paying little to no corporate income taxes on those profits. Out of 265 Fortune 500 companies examined, 68 managed to pay no state income tax in at least one… Read more [More...]

Interview with Michael Mazerov: Oklahoma can put an end to abusive corporate tax shelters

Michael Mazerov is a Senior Fellow with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, where he specializes in state and local taxation of businesses. This interview was conducted by e-mail on October 25, 2011. For additional information on combined reporting,… Read more [More...]

New OK Policy report lays out options for protecting Oklahoma public services

In two years of recession and slow recovery, Oklahoma‚Äôs public services have struggled to get by with less. Oklahoma families, businesses and communities are feeling the impact in far-ranging ways, including increased class sizes, higher tuition rates, fewer mental health… Read more [More...]