If you think this is bad…Federal fiscal relief funds averted budget doomsday

The state’s deep and prolonged budget crisis has taken a serious toll on public services in Oklahoma.  We have seen rate cuts to providers of community-based health services, elimination of violence prevention programs for at-risk youth, closures of facilities for… Read more [More...]

Enhanced Medicaid match extension would help state budget and low-income families

One of the most important provisions of the stimulus bill passed by Congress last February was the assistance provided to beleaguered state budgets in the form of enhanced federal matching rates for Medicaid. Now, as Oklahoma and other states remained… Read more [More...]

The crunch and the cliff: Medicaid funding faces dual perils

With Oklahoma in the midst of what is certain to be a severe and extended fiscal crisis, protecting core public services in every area of state government from deep and painful budget cuts poses a great challenge. However, protecting the… Read more [More...]