Why total spending has gone up as budgets are cut

OK Policy has spent a lot of time focusing on the real and continuing damage caused by repeated state budget cuts over the past three years, as well as the fact that state tax collections are at historic lows. Meanwhile,… Read more [More...]

Why a federal Balanced Budget Amendment will never happen, and why that’s a good thing

[This post has been changed slightly from the original. An earlier version questioned SoonerPoll’s reliability without providing evidence to back up that claim.] As part of the agreement to raise the federal debt ceiling, Congress will vote on a Balanced… Read more [More...]

None of the above: The public weighs in on the state fiscal crisis

A new poll from the Pew Research Center presents interesting findings about the state of public opinion regarding the state fiscal crisis.  A late June poll of 1,001 adults found a majority of respondents saying that states should fix their… Read more [More...]