The fiscal cliff and working family tax credits

This originally appeared on the Tax Credits for Working Families blog on January 2nd and is reblogged with permission. While the national media covered every twist and turn in the fiscal cliff negotiations, little attention was paid to the provisions… Read more [More...]

Why a federal Balanced Budget Amendment will never happen, and why that’s a good thing

[This post has been changed slightly from the original. An earlier version questioned SoonerPoll’s reliability without providing evidence to back up that claim.] As part of the agreement to raise the federal debt ceiling, Congress will vote on a Balanced… Read more [More...]

Breaking down the debt deal

In this video blog, OK Policy Director David Blatt provides an overview of the deficit reduction agreement reached this summer by Congress and President Obama. The  deal calls for close to $1 trillion in cuts to discretionary programs over the… Read more [More...]