How medical debt erodes Oklahomans’ financial security

Medical debt is money owed for medical goods or services, like doctor’s visits, lab fees, or hospital stays.  One survey of low-income households in eight states, including Oklahoma, found that 46 percent of low-income households carried medical debt.  National survey… Read more [More...]

Upcoming Event: Oklahoma Assets High Cost Lending Summit, June 12th

Oklahomans turn to high-cost lenders at a much higher rate than the national average.  Low- and moderate-income households are particularly likely to turn to loan products with high interest rates that chip away at their disposable income. Join Us for… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Jennifer Wallis): Managing credit and debt for financial security

Jennifer Wallis is a certified consumer credit counselor and the Vice President of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma.  To learn more about Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Central Oklahoma, visit or contact Jennifer Wallis at (405) 789-2227.… Read more [More...]

Six strategies to promote financial security for families

Everyone manages money almost every day.  Often we wonder how to better manage our money when it seems there is never enough.  CareerBuilder surveyed 3,900 American workers and found that more than six-in-ten workers – 61 percent – live paycheck… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma Assets: Coalition to advance economic security takes another step forward

OK Policy is an active member of Oklahoma Assets, a statewide coalition that aims to identify and strengthen programs and policies that help Oklahoma residents achieve economic security.  Oklahoma Assets has been making big strides in recent months, officially incorporating… Read more [More...]

Going to scale: Initiatives to strengthen financial security are spreading

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the 2010 Assets Learning Conference that brought together over 1,000 participants for three days of plenaries, workshops and sessions exploring approaches to building an economy in which all Americans, including those of… Read more [More...]

Regional meetings to look at assets and economic security

The Oklahoma Asset Building Coalition is hosting a series of regional meetings on asset building strategies for increasing the financial security of families and communities throughout Oklahoma. Anyone working in the private sector, public sector or a non-profit with an… Read more [More...]

Asset poverty data shows many have no cushion to fall back on

As the economic downturn continues to take its toll in Oklahoma and across the nation, how financially prepared are families to deal with extended periods of unemployment and underemployment. Newly-released data (PDF) from CFED that focuses on “asset poverty” confirms… Read more [More...]