Upcoming Event: 9th Annual Homebuyer Education Conference, October 30th

The Oklahoma Homebuyer Education Association and The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Oklahoma City Branch will present the 9th Annual Homebuyer Education Conference – ‘Affordable Housing in Oklahoma.’  The conference is next Tuesday October 30th, in Edmond at… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma's Housing Crisis: How bad was it?

Dr. Gobar will be visiting Oklahoma to present the results of her research in full.  She will be speaking Wednesday night, March 15th at the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and Thursday night March 16th at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa. … Read more [More...]

Upcoming Event: Loan Modification Scam Alert Summit, April 8th

As home foreclosures continue to rise across the United States, loan modification scams are increasing at an alarming rate. Loan modification scams in Oklahoma have a devastating impact on families and communities.  A free luncheon event, “Loan Modification Scam Alert… Read more [More...]

Rising foreclosures show recession is still hitting close to home

The latest Numbers You Need, our monthly bulletin of key economic and budget trends and data, reflects continued, if modest, progress on the job front and improved state revenue collections. Previously we reported decent growth in state personal income for… Read more [More...]