Sally Kern could be on to something (but it’s not what she thinks)

Rep. Sally Kern is taking some well-deserved criticism for her comments on the House floor that women and African-Americans do not work as hard as white men. Yet amidst the flurry of condemnations and apologies, we can find a legitimate… Read more [More...]

Womanpower shortage: Oklahoma lagging in female legislators

The National Conference of State Legislatures has developed an interesting interactive demographic map that allows you to examine the makeup of each state’s legislature by ethnicity, gender, age, religion and occupation and compare those figures to national averages. Oklahoma’s most… Read more [More...]

Man, oh, man – The downturn hammers male employment

The Oklahoman recently ran an editorial calling attention to the especially heavy toll that the current recession is having on male workers nationally and here in Oklahoma. A new issue brief from Economic Policy Institute, using data from the Bureau… Read more [More...]