The Hunger Games: Feeding a family with food stamps (Guest Post: Camille Landry)

Camille Landry is a writer, activist, and social justice advocate who lives in Oklahoma City.  This post is part of our “Neglected Oklahoma” series, which tells the stories of Oklahomans in situations where the basic necessities of life are hard… Read more [More...]

Hunger by the Numbers: How many basketball arenas would it take…

OK Policy intern Amanda Marcott Thottunkal updated and revised earlier versions of this post, which ran in November 2010 and 2011. The US Department of Agriculture’s annual report on household food security was released in September. On average, during the… Read more [More...]

Watch This: Out of school, out of food

Hunger is a chronic problem in Oklahoma.  In 2009, 28 percent of the state’s children lived in households that reported problems maintaining food security during the past year, the highest percentage in the country.  This four-minute video from No Kid… Read more [More...]

Watch This: Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope

Oklahoma has the highest rate of households with very low food security in the nation; 7.5 percent of the state’s households reported being hungry at times during the year because they could not afford enough food.  This six minute video… Read more [More...]

Hunger by the Numbers: How many football stadiums would it take…

In September, the US Department of Agriculture released its annual report on household food security. For the 3-year period from 2008-10, an average of one in six Oklahoma households, 16.4 percent, experienced food insecurity. This means that “at times during… Read more [More...]

Hunger doesn’t take a summer break

OK Policy had the pleasure of meeting with Sara Amberg recently, an advocate for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma (CFBEO).  Food banks across the state, including the CFBEO and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and its affiliates,… Read more [More...]

An honor to serve

Over the past year, one of the high points for me each week has been the hour I spend early Wednesday mornings in the kitchen of Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Tulsa helping with basic food prep tasks for the… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Connie Cronley): Feeding the hungry, tearing down gates

Editor’s note: Over the past eight months it has been my privilege to spend one hour a week doing food prep at Iron Gate, one of Tulsa’s largest and most active food assistance programs. I invited Connie Cronley,  Iron Gate’s… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Sara Waggoner): Can emergency food programs continue to meet growing needs?

From time to time, we use the OK Policy blog to post submissions we receive from Oklahomans who have interesting perspectives on important policy issues for the state. This entry is from Sara Waggoner, Executive Director of the Community Food… Read more [More...]

Hunger doesn't take a holiday

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited by the Oklahoma Food Security Committee to give a presentation on funding for food and nutrition programs in the stimulus bill.  The meeting featured a superb overview from Liz Tate of the… Read more [More...]