Dream Small: Lawmakers may rescind educational opportunities for children of undocumented immigrants

In the spring of 2003, Saul Munoz* was a Tulsa high school senior thinking seriously about his future.  Saul’s parents had moved the family to Oklahoma years earlier, leaving Mexico at a time of increasing violence and instability, and he… Read more [More...]

From Poland to Chicago to Oklahoma: Reflections on immigration and citizenship

Note: These remarks were originally delivered by  Alice Blue upon receiving the Tulsa Coalition of Hispanic Organizations Annual Thanksgiving Award in November 2010. Alice  is a Senior Planner with the Community Service Council of Tulsa. I come to this gathering… Read more [More...]

HB 3384: New mandate on schools would be costly, onerous and legally perilous

Our public schools already shoulder a great deal of responsibility. They are expected not only to teach our children reading, writing and arithmetic, but also, in many cases, to help make sure that they are adequately fed and nourished, to… Read more [More...]

New report looks at impact of Oklahoma’s immigration bill HB 1804

No piece of legislation in Oklahoma in the past decade was more controversial or contentious than HB 1804. Passed in 2007, HB 1804 – officially designated the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Act – enacted a series of restrictions intended to… Read more [More...]

New remittance law shows why transparency might be a good idea

In the last days of this year’s legislative session, House Bill 2250 passed with little fanfare. HB 2250 puts a  tax on wire transfers–$5 plus one percent on the amount over $500, with proceeds going to the Bureau of Narcotics… Read more [More...]

Immigrants in an economic downturn

The New York Times has been running a series of front-page Sunday articles examining the impact that the great wave of recent immigration – both legal and illegal – is having on various sectors and institutions. This week’s piece explored… Read more [More...]