Guest Blog (Ken Miller, PhD): Tax reform revisited

Ken Miller is the Oklahoma State Treasurer.  This post originally appeared as an article in the May Oklahoma Economic Report and is reprinted with permission.  Oklahoma is doing more than fine with unemployment three percentage points below the national average,… Read more [More...]

Pay-as-you-go is a promising approach to fiscal responsibility

As Oklahoma’s tax debate unfolds, it has been encouraging to hear a rising chorus of influential voices insist that any tax plan must be revenue neutral. Given deep cuts that state agencies have absorbed in recent years and the long-term… Read more [More...]

Ken Miller: Rhetoric versus reality on tax incentives

Ken Miller is State Treasurer and a member of the the Task Force for the Study of Tax Credits and Economic Incentives.  This originally appeared as an article in the November Oklahoma Economic Report and is reprinted with permission. For… Read more [More...]

Legislative action on pensions shores up system, defuses rhetoric

The 2011 legislative session was marked by passage of legislation to limit lawsuit damages, restrict the collective bargaining rights of public employees and the legal rights of teachers, revamp the workers compensation system, and consolidate state agencies. Yet when asked… Read more [More...]

Balancing the state budget: Can we avoid a catastrophe?

The Oklahoman’s Michael McNutt covered the remarks I made last week at a panel on the state budget crisis at the University of Central Oklahoma’s Southwest Business Symposium. My conclusions were rather stark: “We’ve been able to avoid the apocalypse… Read more [More...]

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept: Budget forum at UCO

Straight off the press release. Note especially the “free and open to the public” part. Come cheer me on! The University of Central Oklahoma Policy Institute will be host for a panel discussion – “Oklahoma’s budget crisis in the midst… Read more [More...]

Piling on the Sunshine: New measures would make more spending information publicly available

If, as Judge Louis Brandeis famously stated, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant”, the Oklahoma Legislature seems to be on a bit of a cleaning frenzy. Several bills making their way through the legislative process this session HB 3422, SB 1633… Read more [More...]

Will the brakes be put on tax breaks?

There is definitely something in the air. Over the past several weeks, there has been a heavy flurry of attention paid to the state’s system of tax expenditures, the array of over 450 exemptions, credits, deductions and the like that… Read more [More...]