A lose-lose situation: Oklahoma still wears health law blinders

Last summer, the United States Supreme Court in National Federation of Independent Business vs. Sebelius (NFIB) found the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) to be constitutional. The re-election of President Obama confirmed that the law would continue to… Read more [More...]

Turning 5: Our greatest blog hits

As we prepare to celebrate OK Policy’s fifth anniversary, we’ve gone back and selected our top five greatest hits from our blog. The winners, selected by staff, all generated strong traffic and buzz, and exemplify our efforts to apply careful… Read more [More...]

Post-session review: So whatever happened to…

Of the 1,934 bills filed this past legislative session, only a small fraction of those saw any significant action by legislators.  Most bills are never heard by a committee, and almost all of them fall short of a hearing on… Read more [More...]

Legislature poised to limit access to mammograms, prostate screenings, immunizations & more

While the new federal health law has expanded consumer guarantees for minimum health benefits, Oklahoma is poised to move in the opposite direction. Embedded in an ‘interstate compact’ bill to allow out-of-state insurers to sell policies in Oklahoma is a… Read more [More...]

New insurance rule throws the baby out with the bathwater

As the Affordable Care Act is implemented across the nation, states have taken varying approaches to making sure coverage is available for all children.  While most states have done a good job maintaining and ensuring the availability of health insurance… Read more [More...]

Rebates for consumers or more profit for insurers?

The Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) has asked the federal government to waive a key provision of the new federal health care law set to go into effect in 2012.  OID wants to exempt insurers in the state from adhering to… Read more [More...]

Health Care Reform (10): Feds promise flexibility on state health insurance exchanges, but not complaisance

This is the tenth in an ongoing series of posts examining the Affordable Care Act, including previous posts on rate review and temporary high risk pools. For links to all previous posts and additional resources, please visit the health care… Read more [More...]

Health Care Reform (9): Rate review to the rescue: Protecting consumers from excessive rate hikes

This is the ninth in an ongoing series of posts examining the Affordable Care Act, including previous posts on health insurance exchanges and temporary high risk pools.  You can also visit the health care reform page on our website for… Read more [More...]