Home visiting programs work for young children, their parents and Oklahoma (Guest Blog: Paul Shinn)

Paul Shinn is Public Policy Analyst for CAP Tulsa, which helps families succeed through early childhood education and other support programs. He can be reached at pshinn@captc.org Earlier this month a House committee passed HB 1063, which would suspend most… Read more [More...]

Upcoming Event: A chance to learn more about young children in Oklahoma and help set the agenda

The following post by Paul Shinn originally appeared on The Tulsa Initiative Blog. The Tulsa Initiative is a project of Community Action Project and its partners to undertake research, planning, and coordination of pilot programs to support the delivery of… Read more [More...]

A day without taxes

As the deadline for filing income tax approaches, we return to a favorite blog post from our friend Paul Shinn that we first ran in 2009. You may also enjoy this video tribute to the many things we can be… Read more [More...]

Not too shabby: Comparing our revenue forecasts and theirs

Earlier this month, we released a brief that provided our projections for state revenue collections for Fiscal Years 2011 through 2014.  Last week, the State Board of Equalization certified its official preliminary revenue estimates for FY ’12, along with updated… Read more [More...]

Classic Reruns: No-tax day

This is one of our most widely read and popular blog posts. It was written by Paul Shinn and initially ran on our blog on April 15, 2009. April 15. I’m not a fan of tax day. Who is? After… Read more [More...]