Upcoming Event: Oklahoma Assets High Cost Lending Summit, June 12th

Oklahomans turn to high-cost lenders at a much higher rate than the national average.  Low- and moderate-income households are particularly likely to turn to loan products with high interest rates that chip away at their disposable income. Join Us for… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma's Housing Crisis: How bad was it?

Dr. Gobar will be visiting Oklahoma to present the results of her research in full.  She will be speaking Wednesday night, March 15th at the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and Thursday night March 16th at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa. … Read more [More...]

Housing Starts and Stops

Yesterday’s New York Times had a sobering profile of the housing market in Cleveland, which has experienced the post-boom collapse earlier and more deeply than most of the rest of the nation. While the situation in Cleveland, as elsewhere, has… Read more [More...]