Good times don't last forever

Last week, Gov. Fallin announced a plan to fix the state’s decaying bridges by 2019. The proposal involves putting more money in the ROADS fund, which receives a portion of income tax revenues that would otherwise go to the state’s… Read more [More...]

Watch This: The Great Recession

This video provides an excellent graphical overview of postwar recessions, putting the most recent economic downturn into grave perspective.  The video was created and narrated by Colin Gordon of the Iowa Policy Project.  For more videos like this, and additional… Read more [More...]

7,500 unemployed Oklahomans at risk of losing benefits unless Congress acts

Despite encouraging signs that an economic recovery is gaining strength, unemployment remains at stubbornly and unacceptably high levels. Nationally, the jobless rate in October stayed stuck at 9.6 percent, while the latest state unemployment numbers found that 121,800 Oklahomans, or… Read more [More...]

An economic forecast from Mark Zandi

The first part of this week I am attending the annual State Fiscal Policy Conference organized by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. While most of the conference sessions focus on the fiscal challenges facing state governments – and… Read more [More...]

State seeing some job growth, but still a long ways to go

This week, OK Policy put out the latest edition of Numbers You Need, our monthly bulletin of key economic and budget indicators for the state. Our main headline was of an economic recovery stuck in neutral. While there are certain… Read more [More...]

State revenue glass: Half-full or half-empty?

Treasurer Scott Meacham today announced that General Revenue (GR) collections for the first month of the new state fiscal year, FY ’11, came in 9.9 percent above the prior year and 11.9 percent above the official certified estimate. The sales… Read more [More...]

DHS Policy and Practice lecture series examines recession and recovery

On January 11th, Chad Wilkerson, the Branch Executive of the Oklahoma City office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will be giving a free public lecture on “The Economy Around Us: Recession and Recovery”. Wilkerson, who serves as… Read more [More...]

New national data on income, poverty and the uninsured shows recession’s initial effects

Yesterday, the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual report on income, poverty and health insurance coverage for 2008  from its Current Population Survey. You can or click here for fact sheets and links to all the data or click here… Read more [More...]

Slate's job change map–now it's good to be a blue state!

Check out’s animated map of the changing job picture over the last three and a half years. If you scroll down to the map and click the green arrow at the lower right, you can watch the job picture… Read more [More...]