Who are the real losers in the tax shift plan? It's not "special interests"

[UPDATE: A previous version of the graph left out the Child Tax Credit from the list of broad-based credits that make up the 68 percent.] In a recent interview with KWGS, tax reform task force co-chair Senator Mike Mazzei argued:… Read more [More...]

When you want something done, do it

Recently Maj. Gen. Rita Aragon, Oklahoma’s Secretary of Veterans Affairs, suggested that school gyms, playgrounds, and athletic fields should be opened to the public after hours. She argued that these “shared-use agreements” for public facilities would reduce obesity, especially in… Read more [More...]

Keeping tabs on tax breaks

This post originally appeared on Oklahoma Watch as part of their Oklahoma Voices series. The legislative task force that has been studying tax breaks will vote on final recommendations at its November 30 meeting. Also appearing today on our blog… Read more [More...]