Who are the real losers in the tax shift plan? It's not "special interests"

[UPDATE: A previous version of the graph left out the Child Tax Credit from the list of broad-based credits that make up the 68 percent.]

In a recent interview with KWGS, tax reform task force co-chair Senator Mike Mazzei argued:

The folks that really should be displeased with our tax reform are not individual taxpayers at these low income levels, but the corporate folks that are going to lose a lot of their special interest breaks that have helped them subsidize their profit margins. When you asked about winners and losers earlier, those are the folks that are going to lose in this style of tax reform.

This claim is false. Based on the task force’s own numbers, broad-based tax preferences make up more than two-thirds of the funds targeted for elimination. That’s why Sen. Mazzei’s plan would raise taxes for a majority of Oklahomans. It’s why the real losers under this plan are not corporate special interests; they are families with children and low-income seniors.


Gene Perry worked for OK Policy from 2011 to 2019. He is a native Oklahoman and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in history and an M.A. in journalism.

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