The Hunger Games: Feeding a family with food stamps (Guest Post: Camille Landry)

Camille Landry is a writer, activist, and social justice advocate who lives in Oklahoma City.  This post is part of our “Neglected Oklahoma” series, which tells the stories of Oklahomans in situations where the basic necessities of life are hard… Read more [More...]

2012 New Census data shows stagnant incomes, many Oklahomans still living in poverty

This post was written by OK Policy intern Annie Mitchell (with a little help from Carly Putnam).  Annie is a native Tulsan pursuing her Master’s in Social Work at OU-Tulsa.  Carly is an undergraduate at the University of Tulsa majoring… Read more [More...]

What welfare? No safety net for Oklahoma's poorest children

Welfare as most people imagine it doesn’t actually exist anymore.  Public discourse conjures images of lazy people scamming the system and living large off their monthly government check.  It’s a popular, but wildly inaccurate narrative.  Welfare reform in the mid-1990s… Read more [More...]

A Rock and a Hard Place: 'Asset-tests' and Oklahoma's poor

The federal ‘Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations‘ (FDPIR) program provides food assistance to low-income Native American households living in Indian Country.  Many households participate in FDPIR as an alternative to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly the food stamp… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Sara Amberg): A forecast we can't ignore

Sara Amberg is Manager of Agency Capacity Building of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. The day before the February 2011 blizzard plowed through the Midwest, I heard a meteorologist report that he had never seen every radar system,… Read more [More...]

Hunger doesn’t take a summer break

OK Policy had the pleasure of meeting with Sara Amberg recently, an advocate for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma (CFBEO).  Food banks across the state, including the CFBEO and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and its affiliates,… Read more [More...]

The public safety net at work

Today we released the 19th issue of our monthly Numbers You Need bulletin, which tracks monthly and quarterly data for key economic indicators. As in many recent months, the overall economic news was mixed: a slight increase in employment and… Read more [More...]

Saved by the net: Food assistance programs help mitigate recession’s impact

This week we released the November issue of Numbers You Need (PDF), our monthly look at key data on the state’s economy  and budget. As we reported in the bulletin, one of the clearest signs of the depth and length… Read more [More...]