Guest Blog (Wade Patterson): SQ 766 provides special treatment to some at the expense of others

Wade Patterson is the Garfield County Assessor. For more information on State Question 766, click here As the County Assessor for Garfield County, I’m afraid that the solution to the issue of taxing intangible property being presented to the voters… Read more [More...]

State Question 766: Intangible property ballot measure would have tangible consequences

This blog post was authored by Michelle Cantrell, a tax specialist residing in Tulsa One of the six ballot measures facing voters this November is State Question 766, which asks Oklahomans whether the state should have the authority to tax… Read more [More...]

Property tax "cuts" create winners and losers

Two state questions related to property taxes will be on the November ballot. SQ 758 would reduce the maximum annual increase in assessments of homes and agricultural land from 5 percent to 3 percent. SQ 766 would exempt all intangible… Read more [More...]