An economic forecast from Mark Zandi

The first part of this week I am attending the annual State Fiscal Policy Conference organized by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. While most of the conference sessions focus on the fiscal challenges facing state governments – and… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (John F. Gajda): State budget cuts will impact people with developmental disabilities

From time to time, we use the OK Policy blog to post submissions we receive from Oklahomans who have interesting perspectives on important policy issues for the state. This entry is from John F. Gajda,  Executive Director of TARC, an… Read more [More...]

The crunch and the cliff: Medicaid funding faces dual perils

With Oklahoma in the midst of what is certain to be a severe and extended fiscal crisis, protecting core public services in every area of state government from deep and painful budget cuts poses a great challenge. However, protecting the… Read more [More...]