Tax cuts of the mid-2000’s did not spark revenue growth

[NOTE: This post has been corrected to fix an error in the units used when describing the price of oil.] Despite frequent claims by proponents of cutting or eliminating Oklahoma’s personal income tax , it is a myth that tax… Read more [More...]

Graph of the Day: State funding shrinks sharply

In a recent editorial, the Tulsa World questioned the call that is frequently heard to ‘right-size’ state government. After three successive years of deep cuts to public services, the editorial asked ‘where does it end?’: But how do we define… Read more [More...]

Graph of the Day: Tax collections at historic lows

The share of income Oklahomans pay in state taxes has fallen to its lowest point in decades.  In 2010, Oklahomans paid just 5.5 percent of their total income in state taxes.  This includes sales tax, income tax, motor vehicle tax,… Read more [More...]