Guest Blog (Wade Patterson): SQ 766 provides special treatment to some at the expense of others

Wade Patterson is the Garfield County Assessor. For more information on State Question 766, click here As the County Assessor for Garfield County, I’m afraid that the solution to the issue of taxing intangible property being presented to the voters… Read more [More...]

2012 State Questions – Summary and Analysis

On November 6, Oklahoma voters will decide six state questions to amend the State Constitution. Two of the questions involve property taxes, with the others addressing affirmative action, DHS governance, parole decisions, and bonding authority. Read more... [More...]

Day-after thoughts on SQ 744

Several months ago, with polls showing SQ 744 ahead by a two-to-0ne margin and supporters announcing that the National Education Association had committed over $3 million to the Yes campaign, many thought that the measure’s passage was a slam-dunk.  Subsequent… Read more [More...]

Hey Mikey! Raising the Rainy Day Fund cap is the one ballot measures everyone can like

Remember Mikey from those old cereal commercials? He was the picky eater whose siblings foisted a bowl of  Life cereal in front of him saying, “It’s supposed to be good for you. But he won’t eat it. He hates everything”.… Read more [More...]

These go up to 11: Sorting the State Questions on the November Ballot

Oklahoma voters have the great good fortune this November to decide the fate of no less than 11 proposed constitutional amendments on matters ranging from education funding and health care reform to judicial nominations and (we kid you not) Sharia… Read more [More...]