Guest Blog (Peter Fisher): The Doctor is Out to Lunch – ALEC recommends wrong prescriptions for state prosperity

Peter Fisher is Research Director of the Iowa Policy Project. This is an abridged and edited version of a brief that was prepared as part of a larger research project critically examining several state economic competitiveness rankings published by national… Read more [More...]

Tax Foundation ranks Oklahoma among lowest tax states for business

A new study of state tax costs on business from the Tax Foundation ranks Oklahoma fifth best in the nation for new firms and 16th best for mature firms. Among states in the region, Oklahoma ranked second lowest in business… Read more [More...]

Pre-K: Oklahoma keeps its ranking as tops in the nation – but will it last?

We’re #1, again! Last month, the National Institute for Early Education Research released the 2009 State Preschool Yearbook,  its annual report on pre-kindergarten education across the nation.  Overall, the report’s press release proclaimed that “Oklahoma was ranked as the leader… Read more [More...]

Summer Re-run: Oklahoma is not a poor state – we just continue to play one on TV

Note – Occasionally we plan to re-run blog posts on topical subjects that you may have missed the first time around. Recently, the Annie E. Casey released its annual Kids Count report measuring how states are faring on a range… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma is not a poor state – we just continue to play one on TV

Back in March, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released 2008 data on state personal income, which is the most widely used measure of a state’s relative prosperity. We took note of it at the time in our April Numbers You… Read more [More...]

Good news!

All appearances to the contrary, we hate bad news as much as anyone. It’s just that these days, selecting topics to blog on typically leaves us with a choice between the bad (the budget) and the ugly (the economy) (or… Read more [More...]