Watch This: Debunking Myths About Who Pays Taxes

During the last presidential election, much was made of the fact that nearly half of Americans paid no federal income tax in 2010.¬† But is it true? A new 4 minute illustrated¬†video from The Urban Institute explains who doesn’t… Read more [More...]

Task Force proposes tax hike on poor and middle class to benefit the wealthiest

This afternoon, the Senate Task Force on Comprehensive Tax Reform released its final report. The most significant recommendation is to make further cuts to the top rate and replace that revenue by ending numerous tax credits. Almost two-thirds of the… Read more [More...]

Limiting itemized deductions would improve the fairness and adequacy of the state income tax

Earlier this year, we called attention to one of the stranger loopholes in the Oklahoma tax code, the case of the “double deduction” of state income taxes.¬† Federal tax law allows taxpayers who itemize their deductions to claim a deduction… Read more [More...]

Crossing the Threshold: Families in poverty no longer paying state income tax

An interesting new report from our friends at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities looks at whether families with income below the federal poverty level (FPL) in each state are subject to state income taxes. It finds that for… Read more [More...]

The new Online Budget Guide shows where we are and asks where we should be

Today we released our long-awaited Online Budget Guide, a comprehensive resource exploring how Oklahoma’s state and local government collect and spend money to provide public services. While the Guide is packed full of facts and figures and works as both… Read more [More...]