These go up to 11: Sorting the State Questions on the November Ballot

Oklahoma voters have the great good fortune this November to decide the fate of no less than 11 proposed constitutional amendments on matters ranging from education funding and health care reform to judicial nominations and (we kid you not) Sharia… Read more [More...]

SQ 746: Would voter ID proposal solve a problem or create one?

Everyone would agree that the right to vote is one of the most basic and cherished freedoms in a democracy. A ballot measure facing Oklahoma’s voters in November, SQ 746, raises the question of whether protecting the right to vote… Read more [More...]

Solving a problem or creating one?

The Tulsa World penned a strong and persuasive editorial on the voter ID proposal, SB 4,  that has now passed both legislative chambers and is now awaiting action by the Governor. Supporters of the legislation try to argue that requiring… Read more [More...]