Countdown To Care: Medicaid Expansion in Oklahoma

Event: American Indian Health Care Spotlight

Tune in for our American Indian Health Care Spotlight to discuss current health care options and how Medicaid expansion will expand access for tribal citizens. The panel discussion will be followed by live Q&A. Panelists include:

  • Yvonne Myers, ACA/Medicaid Consultant, Citizen Potawatomi Nation
  • Robyn Sunday-Allen, CEO, Oklahoma City Indian Clinic
  • Kasie Nichols, Self Governance Director, Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Read our event press release to learn more.


The event will be live streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages via OK Policy and Together Oklahoma. You can find the channels here:

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#CountdownToCare Kickoff Event: Medicaid Expansion in Oklahoma

Oklahoma will expand Medicaid coverage by July 1. Join OK Policy as we count down to this important milestone that will connect thousands of Oklahomans with much-needed health care.

This event featured Oklahomans sharing:

  • How Medicaid expansion helps our state
  • Why Medicaid coverage will be life-changing
  • How to raise awareness in your communities


Oklahoma Expands Medicaid

Oklahoma voters’ decision to approve Medicaid expansion is a monumental step forward for health care in our state.

As Oklahoma approaches the July 1 deadline for implementing Medicaid expansion, it will be a cause for celebration for hundreds of thousands of our friends, neighbors, and families who previously have been unable to see a doctor or fill a prescription without risking their financial security.

In the months leading up to July 1, OK Policy will be hosting a “Countdown to Care” to raise awareness about the value of Medicaid expansion, as well as the need to ensure that implementation is done to provide maximum impact for the state and those Oklahomans who urgently need health care.