2019 Priority: Increase renter protections from landlords who fail to maintain safe properties or file frivolous evictions

Download this fact sheet as a printable pdf here. Read about the rest of OK Policy’s 2019 Legislative Policy Priorities here. Tens of thousands of Oklahoma families face eviction each year. Despite relatively low housing costs, Tulsa and Oklahoma City… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma slips in new economic rankings

Recent good news about gains the national economy – lower unemployment, small declines in the poverty rate, and a booming stock market – is not reflected here in Oklahoma. The 2018 Prosperity Now Scorecard paints a picture of many Oklahoma… Read more [More...]

Issue Brief: Barriers to Affordable Housing for Oklahomans with Felony Convictions

Finding affordable housing is one of the most difficult barriers faced by Oklahomans with a felony conviction in their past. Yet Oklahoma's major public housing assistance programs frequently exclude people with felony records, and even those who have been arrested without being charged, from getting help. [More...]

Place Matters: Health, Housing & Equity in OKC

Using data from the American Housing Survey, this analysis highlights how both the built environment of a physical space and differential access to quality public services affect household and neighborhood health.  While the results reveal differences in the environmental quality… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma's Housing Crisis: How bad was it?

Dr. Gobar will be visiting Oklahoma to present the results of her research in full.  She will be speaking Wednesday night, March 15th at the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and Thursday night March 16th at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa. … Read more [More...]