Oklahoma lottery’s contribution to education reaches new low

As an effort gears up to restore funding to education through a 1-cent sales tax, we’re already hearing more Oklahomans ask a common question: Why hasn’t the lottery fixed our education funding problems? In a post from last year, we… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma school funding: Even worse than you thought (Guest post: Ryan Gentzler)

Ryan Gentzler is an OK Policy Research Fellow, a Master of Public Administration student at the University of Oklahoma, and a Research Associate with the Early Childhood Education Institute. In October, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities published an… Read more [More...]

That’s a Whopper: Total revenue is a false measure of school funding

In making the case against additional funding for public schools, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) has recently asserted that “Oklahoma’s per-pupil revenues — – a whopping $12,206 in fiscal year 2013 — – are at record levels.”  The… Read more [More...]

There’s still no free lunch: Impact of massive tax cuts in Kansas offers a warning to Oklahoma

As Oklahoma considers tax cuts similar to those that took effect in Kansas last year, a new report shows that following in Kansas’s footsteps is a bad idea.  Kansas’s massive tax cuts have failed to improve the state’s economic performance,… Read more [More...]

Feed our starving educational system, Oklahoma (Guest Post: Bailey Perkins)

Bailey Perkins is an OK Policy Research Fellow and a second year Master of Public Administration student at the University of Oklahoma. She serves on the board of directors for the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy as the advocacy chairman… Read more [More...]