New Census data shows Oklahoma improves on poverty and uninsured rates but still lags behind nation

New Census data shows Oklahoma made some progress in reducing the percentage of families living in poverty in 2015. In 2014, nearly one out of six Oklahomans (16.6 percent) were making less than the poverty line ($24,000 a year for… Read more [More...]

New Census data shows Oklahoma continues to trail nation in fighting poverty and covering uninsured

New Census data shows Oklahoma made little progress in reducing the percentage of families living in poverty in 2014. In that year, almost one out of six Oklahomans (16.6 percent) were making less than the poverty line of $24,000 a… Read more [More...]

Health coverage enrollment hits home stretch

Tyler LaReau is an independent insurance agent in Norman. He’s a fan of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — he likes what it does for people. “I put my political beliefs aside,” he said. “I don’t care. It’s the law… Read more [More...]

18 years uninsured, but no more

Beth is a home renovator and woodworker who lives north of Edmond. For the last 18 years, she has operated her own small business. For 18 years, she also went without health insurance. This finally changed January 1st, when the… Read more [More...]

The Affordable Care Act will help but not completely solve Oklahoma’s uninsured problem

Currently, some 55 million Americans are without health insurance.  That includes about 650,000 Oklahomans, or one in six state residents.. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed to reduce the number of uninsured by expanding access to quality, affordable coverage.… Read more [More...]

Would Speaker Shannon deny health insurance to almost 1.5 million Oklahomans?

Earlier this week, the Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, T.W. Shannon, scuttling any hopes that the Insure Oklahoma program could remain a viable option for providing health insurance to some low-income working Oklahomans. This means that the program’s… Read more [More...]

Overview of the Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma

This presentation was given to health care workers during a two-hour training seminar on the Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma.  Click here for the presentation, which outlines major changes already enacted and on the horizon regarding the new federal health… Read more [More...]

Health Insurance Exchanges Under the Affordable Care Act: State-run vs. Federally facilitated

This presentation was delivered by OK Policy before the Joint Committee on the Federal Health Care Law on October 25, 2011.  Exchange Presentation… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Julie Miller-Cribbs, MSW, PhD): Young and Uninsured in Oklahoma

Julie is an Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work. The number of uninsured individuals in Oklahoma has reached approximately 600,000 individuals. Almost half of Oklahoma’s uninsured are between the ages of… Read more [More...]

Uninsured Oklahomans remain a problem we should take seriously

The News on 6 in Tulsa reported last week on Oklahomans who lack health insurance. OK Policy’s David Blatt was featured in the story, available here in both print and video, describing who is likely to be uninsured and explaining… Read more [More...]