Interactive: What the jobs are in Oklahoma

Politicians love to talk about jobs. Promoting job creation is a go-to justification in many of Oklahoma’s policy decisions, whether it’s to extend tax breaks for oil companies or ban local minimum wage and paid sick leave laws. However, aside… Read more [More...]

The economic case for tax cuts is in shambles

When it comes to the role of taxes and public services in the economy, we too often engage in an ideological debate that changes no one’s mind. One side talks about the importance of investing in schools, roads, and public… Read more [More...]

Reducing Economic Inequality: It’s about wealth, not jobs (Guest Post: Mark Funkhouser)

Mark Funkhouser, a former Kansas City mayor and auditor, is the director of the Governing Institute, where this post originally appeared.  It is reposted with permission. Inequality of wealth and income in the United States is as high as it… Read more [More...]

Crappy Holidays! Truly a ‘Black Friday’ for retail workers

Every holiday season, retailers lure throngs of shoppers with extended hours, blowout sales, and special deals.  The frantic sales environment is stressful for some shoppers, but it’s doubly so for most store employees.  Oklahomans working retail aren’t likely to see… Read more [More...]

Numbers You Need – May 2009

Numbers You Need is a monthly publication from OK Policy that presents key data on the state’s economy, work force, human services, and budget in one concise, easy-to-read fact sheet. The forecasters may be predicting an economic turnaround ahead, but… Read more [More...]