Economic Projections for Asylum Seekers and New Immigrants in Oklahoma

Authored by Anthony Capote, Senior Policy Analyst at Immigration Research Initiative; David Dyssegaard Kallick, Director of Immigration Research Initiative; and Gabriela Ramirez-Perez, Immigration Policy Analyst for the Oklahoma Policy Institute. # # # Immigration is hardly a new social trend… Read more [More...]

Dr. King’s dream of economic freedom (Commentary) 

Dr. King understood, then as it is now, that income inequality binds Americans into a cycle of poverty that often becomes generational. Poverty lowers life expectancy as well as educational attainment, which is a predictor of wealth for all races.  [More...]

New report spotlights imbalances among child well-being for Oklahoma’s children of color

2024 Race for Results report identifies gaps in child well-being that persist across race and ethnicity, caused by policy choices, disinvestment in services for young people — A new national report out Jan. 10 shows that child well-being outcomes for… Read more [More...]

Ending single-family zoning would help close Oklahoma’s housing gap

Ending single-family zoning and allowing small multi-family homes is a proven path to improved housing availability and affordability; it’s one that Oklahoma policymakers should consider. [More...]

Progress made on evidence-based immigration policy reforms, but more work is needed

Sensible policy reforms related to immigration can benefit all Oklahomans by making us safer, healthier, and saving Oklahomans money. Two such measures were Senate Bill 669 and House Bill 2351. These two bills addressed different concerns around public safety and… Read more [More...]

Immigrant Heritage Month 2023

June is Immigrant Heritage Month during which we acknowledge the contributions immigrants have made to our nation, our state, and our communities. Overcoming great odds, immigrants have arrived in the United States of America to create better lives for themselves… Read more [More...]

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2023 Resource Guide

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This month, we celebrate and uplift the achievements, contributions, and rich heritage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).  Representing more than 40 countries and ethnic groups as well as 100… Read more [More...]

Undocumented immigrants pay taxes: The $133.7 million elephant in the room

One of the most deeply ingrained myths about immigrants who are undocumented is that they don’t pay taxes. In reality, immigrants without documentation pay taxes in multiple ways and contribute more to the U.S. and state economy than they receive… Read more [More...]

National Arab American Heritage Month 2023 Resource Guide

April is National Arab American Heritage Month, and we want to recognize the achievements, contributions, and rich heritage of Arab-Americans, especially for our friends and neighbors who call Oklahoma home.  Arab-Americans, who can trace their roots to 22 countries in… Read more [More...]

A Mexican Consulate in Oklahoma City will help more than 100,000 Oklahomans

For years, Oklahomans have had to travel hundreds of miles to reach the nearest Mexican consulate for handling diplomatic transactions such as renewing passports, getting an identification card, or other routine services for Mexican and U.S. nationals. Commuting to the… Read more [More...]