America’s racial wealth gap was 397 years in the making; we shouldn’t take that long to close it

Chattel slavery of African-Americans lasted for 246 years, from when the first slaves were brought to Virginia in 1619 to when it was finally abolished in 1865. Another 99 years passed until the 1964 Civil Rights Act ended Jim Crow… Read more [More...]

Why the wealth of college-educated minorities is especially vulnerable (Guest post: Ryan Gentzler)

Ryan Gentzler is a Research Associate at the Early Childhood Education Institute at OU-Tulsa and a former OK Policy Research Fellow. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently issued a report that highlighted the effect of higher education on… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma has a tragic history when it comes to Indian education. Here’s how we’re turning it around.

Bah-He-Toya-Mah is an OK Policy summer intern. She has a political science degree from Oklahoma City University and is completing postgraduate studies at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Tribal Administration and Governance program. Prior to OK Policy she worked at her… Read more [More...]

What this panhandle county tells us about the future of Oklahoma

Chan Aaron is an OK Policy summer intern. He is pursuing an environmental policy degree at The University of Tulsa. He is also a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in philosophy and a veteran of the United… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma’s refusal of federal dollars especially hurts African-American and Hispanic families

Drew Capps interned with OK Policy this spring and recently graduated from the University of Tulsa. We’ve discussed previously, and at length, why Governor Fallin’s decision to reject federal funds to expand health coverage to low-income Oklahomans is the wrong… Read more [More...]

Don’t ban bilingual education (Guest post: Shannon Guss and Ryan Gentzler)

Shannon Guss is the Educare Project Director at the Early Childhood Education Institute (ECEI) at the University of Oklahoma  – Tulsa. Ryan Gentzler is a Research Associate at ECEI and an OK Policy Research Fellow. With two bills from 2011… Read more [More...]

Sleeping dogs of the 2015 session

The 2015 session is now underway and it’s clear that this year, as always, will feature heated debates on a multitude of contentious issues, from proposals to expand school choice through vouchers and charter schools to efforts to rein in… Read more [More...]

What President Obama’s immigration order means for Oklahoma

This post is by OK Policy intern Nikki Hager. She is a senior Political Science and Economics major at the University of Tulsa. In November, President Obama issued an executive order to grant deportation relief to approximately half of the… Read more [More...]

We must move from angst to action in the wake of Brown and Garner deaths (Guest post: Hannibal B. Johnson)

Hannibal B. Johnson is a Harvard Law School graduate who teaches at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. His several books include Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District, Black Wall Street, Up from the Ashes, and Acres of Aspiration. A… Read more [More...]

OK PolicyCast Episode 15: Oklahoma’s Racial Wealth Gap

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or RSS. The podcast theme music is by Zébre. Each week, the OK PolicyCast brings you the most important news about Oklahoma and what it means. In this episode, we talk… Read more [More...]