The decade Oklahoma’s ag jobs vanished (Guest Post: Brian Ted Jones)

Brian Ted Jones is director of education for Kirkpatrick Foundation. Data on farm employment is from census records accessed through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. Since 1990, the number of agricultural jobs in Oklahoma has declined by 77 percent, according… Read more [More...]

Voting Information and Resources

Oklahoma State Election Board Home Page Find your Polling Place 2014 Oklahoma Election Results (State Election Board) 2014 Election Resources (OK Policy) League of Women Voters Vote 411 Voter Information (Register to Vote, Request Absentee Ballot, Early Voting, etc.) Election… Read more [More...]

State Question 769: Allowing military guard and reserve members to hold elected office (Guest Post: David Dickerson)

David Dickerson is a retired military officer who served in the active component, Reserve, and National Guard. He now works as an advocate for veterans at the local, state, and national level. During the last thirteen years of sustained war… Read more [More...]

Opponents of SQ 762 are making false claims

To find more about all of the state questions on the ballot in November, see our 2012 State Questions page. Oklahoma is the only state that requires the governor to approve every parole. Removing the governor from the parole process… Read more [More...]

Guest Blog (Wade Patterson): SQ 766 provides special treatment to some at the expense of others

Wade Patterson is the Garfield County Assessor. For more information on State Question 766, click here As the County Assessor for Garfield County, I’m afraid that the solution to the issue of taxing intangible property being presented to the voters… Read more [More...]

2012 State Questions – Summary and Analysis

On November 6, Oklahoma voters will decide six state questions to amend the State Constitution. Two of the questions involve property taxes, with the others addressing affirmative action, DHS governance, parole decisions, and bonding authority. Read more... [More...]

SQ 764: Towards a clean water future

This post is by OK Policy intern Amanda Marcott Thottunkal. Amanda is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at the University of Oklahoma. To find more about all of the state questions on the ballot in November, see our 2012… Read more [More...]

SQ 762: Is Oklahoma ready to be smart on crime?

To find more about all of the state questions on the ballot in November, see our 2012 State Questions page. State Question 762, on the ballot this November, would make paroles granted by the Pardon and Parole Board for non-violent… Read more [More...]

SQ 765: Are voters being asked to do away with DHS?

Are Oklahoma voters being asked to do away with the Department of Human Services in a referendum this November? This was not the intent of legislators in sending State Question 765 to a popular vote, but ambiguities in the legislation… Read more [More...]

State Question 766: Intangible property ballot measure would have tangible consequences

This blog post was authored by Michelle Cantrell, a tax specialist residing in Tulsa One of the six ballot measures facing voters this November is State Question 766, which asks Oklahomans whether the state should have the authority to tax… Read more [More...]