The dangerous hidden agenda behind State Question 776 (Guest Post: Sen. Connie Johnson)

Connie Johnson serves as Chair of the Say NO to SQ776 Campaign Committee. She was a State Senator representing District 48 in northeastern Oklahoma County from 2002-2014. I’ve worked throughout Oklahoma these past few months to defeat State Question 776… Read more [More...]

Claims that SQ 777 will boost food security are hard to swallow

Note: This is an expanded and revised version of a column that appeared in the Journal Record. Vote Yes on State Question 777 or else more Oklahoma children and seniors will go hungry? That’s the highly misleading message that supporters… Read more [More...]

Why we’re supporting SQ 780 and SQ 781

Oklahoma Policy Institute formally endorsed State Questions 780 and 781 in January, joining a wide and politically diverse coalition focused on reducing incarceration rates and addressing the root causes of crime. SQ 780 would reclassify simple drug possession and minor… Read more [More...]

Inconvenient alcohol laws are no substitute for funding addiction treatment (Capitol Updates)

Steve Lewis served as Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1989-1991. He currently practices law in Tulsa and represents clients at the Capitol. You can find past Capitol Updates archived  on his website. State Agencies are working on… Read more [More...]

Just Say Yes: Oklahoma voters have a history of affirming most state questions

Oklahoma voters will decide seven state questions in November on subjects ranging from agriculture to the death penalty to the use of public funds for religious purposes. Of the seven questions, three were placed on the ballot through the initiative… Read more [More...]

2016 Oklahoma State Question Guide

Seven state questions will be on the Oklahoma ballot on November 8. We've created a series of fact sheets with a summary of each state question, background information, and what supporters and opponents are saying... Read more [More...]

The decade Oklahoma’s ag jobs vanished (Guest Post: Brian Ted Jones)

Brian Ted Jones is director of education for Kirkpatrick Foundation. Data on farm employment is from census records accessed through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. Since 1990, the number of agricultural jobs in Oklahoma has declined by 77 percent, according… Read more [More...]

Voting Information and Resources

Oklahoma State Election Board Home Page Find your Polling Place 2014 Oklahoma Election Results (State Election Board) 2014 Election Resources (OK Policy) League of Women Voters Vote 411 Voter Information (Register to Vote, Request Absentee Ballot, Early Voting, etc.) Election… Read more [More...]

State Question 769: Allowing military guard and reserve members to hold elected office (Guest Post: David Dickerson)

David Dickerson is a retired military officer who served in the active component, Reserve, and National Guard. He now works as an advocate for veterans at the local, state, and national level. During the last thirteen years of sustained war… Read more [More...]

Opponents of SQ 762 are making false claims

To find more about all of the state questions on the ballot in November, see our 2012 State Questions page. Oklahoma is the only state that requires the governor to approve every parole. Removing the governor from the parole process… Read more [More...]