Priorities for Oklahoma lawmakers in 2015

Oklahoma’s 2015 Legislative session kicks off today with a State of the State address from Governor Mary Fallin. OK Policy and the Together Oklahoma coalition have identified six priorities for the coming session that are practical, politically achievable steps to… Read more [More...]

New report shares ideas for repairing Oklahoma’s broken democracy

Electoral participation is a cornerstone of our representative democracy. The vote allows citizens to participate freely and fairly in the political process and ensures that elected officials stay accountable to their constituents. Yet in Oklahoma we are seeing growing signs… Read more [More...]

Repairing Oklahoma’s Broken Democracy

With voter turnout at record lows and most legislators running unopposed, it's hard to escape the conclusion that democracy is broken in Oklahoma. Our new report shares ideas for how to increase voter knowledge and participation, while giving Oklahomans more choices on the ballot. [More...]

Should Oklahoma require a civics test to graduate high school?

This post is by OK Policy intern Dakota States. Dakota is a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, where he studied political science, environmental sociology, and screen studies. A common stereotype of high school civics is a teacher who’d rather… Read more [More...]

Now what?

This is an expanded and edited version of a column that appeared in the Journal Record As expected, Oklahoma voters have re-elected Governor Mary Fallin to a second term. Backed by a strong Republican majority in the legislature, the Governor… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma fails to make gains electing women and people of color

Last week’s election raised the number of female members of Congress to 100 for the first time in history, according to a post-election article in Vox. Women now make up 19 percent of the Representatives and Senators serving in Congress.… Read more [More...]

Why we don’t vote

Sunday’s Tulsa Word featured a series of short articles by nine Tulsans explaining why they vote. These citizens spoke eloquently of their sense of civic obligation and responsibility. They spoke of the hard struggles that prior generations had fought to… Read more [More...]

State legislative races to watch tomorrow (Steve Lewis Capitol Updates)

Want to know more about what’s on the ballot tomorrow? Check out OK Policy’s 2014 Oklahoma Elections page, with information on voting times, state questions, judicial elections, and more. Steve Lewis served as Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives… Read more [More...]

Multi-member districts: More choices, more voices (Guest Blog Post: Ryan Kiesel)

Ryan Kiesel is Executive Director of the ACLU of Oklahoma, as well as a former member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, alt-music aficionado and fierce truth-to-power speaker. Ryan‘s comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the ACLU of… Read more [More...]

Oklahoma’s broken democracy hurts millennials (Guest Post: Nikki Hager)

Nikki Hager, a senior Political Science and Economics major at the University of Tulsa,  is the Co-founder and President of the TU chapter of Common Sense Action. This is one of a series of responses to OK Policy’s blog posts… Read more [More...]