Upcoming Event: 2012 Grandparenting workshop at OSU

Oklahoma State University, a consortium partner of the Oklahoma Geriatrics Education Center (OKGEC), is hosting the first annual grandparenting workshop, titled “Linking Gerontology and Geriatrics – Grandparent Rearing Grandchildren: Expectations and Experience” on February 18, 2012.  The workshop will: (a) identify the links between Gerontology and Geriatrics; and (b) apply evidence-based information to enhance the best practices or fill professional practice gaps of healthcare & other professionals working with older adults.

The population growth of older adults in Oklahoma is out-pacing the number of health care and other professionals trained in Gerontology and Geriatrics. The Oklahoma Geriatrics Education Center (OKGEC) is a consortium of institutions across the state that seeks to train health professionals in Oklahoma using evidence-based education specific to gerontology and geriatrics.  This workshop is part of a series of events in 2012 linking gerontology and geriatrics that will focus on three primary themes: (a) Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren; (b) Special Populations of Older Adults in Oklahoma, such as widows and older Oklahoma prisoner populations; and (c) Health and Wellness with a two-part session on information on and diagnostic assessments for Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The workshop will be in Stillwater on February 18, 2012.  Click here to register for this event online.  For more information about the workshop, please visit http://humansciences.okstate.edu/okgec or contact Dr. Tammy L. Henderson at tlhokgec@okstate.edu or 405-744-8350.


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