Watch This: Stand (Let Your Voice Be Heard)

Oklahoma residents are among the least healthy in the nation, ranking among the bottom 5 states. Because of Oklahoma’s refusal to accept federal funds for Medicaid, some 140,000 low-income adults continue to be denied access to affordable health care. These are hard-working Oklahomans — musicians, restaurant and fast food workers, construction workers, those who work with our children and assist our aging loved ones.

Oklahoma could accept federal funds at little cost to the state, but so far state leaders have refused the money for political reasons. At the same time as Oklahoma has blocked the federal funds, the few options available to the uninsured are being slashed by state funding cuts.

This video produced by more than fifty Oklahoma musicians aims to raise awareness of Oklahoma’s dire health statistics and the need for Oklahoma to accept federal funds to extend coverage further:

You can purchase the song on iTunes. All proceeds go to the Red Dirt Relief Fund, which helps Oklahoma musicians suffering a health or financial emergency. See the Red Dirt Rangers’ op-ed in the Oklahoman about their own struggle obtaining health insurance after a serious accident that motivated them to do this project.

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Gene Perry worked for OK Policy from 2011 to 2019. He is a native Oklahoman and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in history and an M.A. in journalism.

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  1. Great job! Thanks so much for giving your talent and time and putting together such a “professional-grade” appeal for such a good cause.

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