Weekly Wonk Sunday July 7, 2013

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homeless The OK Policy Blog showed that Oklahoma has gone from providing cash assistance to half of all families in poverty in 1996 to just one in ten today. We also featured Camille Landry’s latest post in our “Neglected Oklahoma” series which shared the story of a homeless vet in Oklahoma City and highlighted an upcoming lecture at TU by Theda Skocpol on climate change.


Numbers of the Day

  • 8.6 percent – Share of Oklahoma City’s jobs that are accessible in one hour by public transit, 17th worst job access among the nation’s 100 largest cities
  • 23.2 percent – Share of an Oklahoma family’s (median) income spent on health insurance premiums, 11th highest among the states
  • 129 – The number of Oklahoma women (per 100,000) that are currently incarcerated, nearly twice the national average (66) and more than any other state

Policy Notes


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