Weekly Wonk Sunday June 2, 2013

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OK Policy Director David Blatt was busying making news this week, first with his Journal Record column which explained why lawmakers were creating a false choice over the continuation of Insure Oklahoma.  David was also mentioned in a Tulsa World article discussing highlights of the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation annual symposium. Lastly, David was ask to participate in the Oklahoma Economic Report’s Making the Grade, in which he gave the Oklahoma legislature a D- for the 2013 session.  In other OK Policy news, a criminal justice policy consulting firm lauded OK Policy’s analysis of Oklahoma’s criminal justice reforms and policy analyst, Gene Perry was quoted in a Tulsa World article discussing Oklahoma’s continued high divorce rate.

2014_HighlightsThe OK Policy Blog explained why Oklahoma’s criminal justice reform efforts have completely ignored the biggest reasons for our sky-high incarceration rate. We also featured guest posts from Colin D. Moore discussing how the Veterans Health Administration became a leader in American health care, delivering high-quality care at a reasonable cost and Cindy Cason who highlighted the Oklahoma Standard, an effort by Oklahomans to come together in crisis. Lastly, we released our annual Budget Highlights report, an informative and accessible ways to track Oklahoma’s public spending.


Numbers of the Day

  • 36 – The number of private business start-ups in Oklahoma since 1998 emerging from federally funded bioscience research at the University of Oklahoma.
  • 40th – Oklahoma’s rank among the states for median speed of residential internet access, 2,941 kilobits per second.
  • 1.5 million – Number of Oklahomans enrolled in a government-sponsored health plan, including Medicaid (children, seniors, people with disabilities & the very poor), Medicare (seniors), and Tricare (military service members).
  • 10 – The number of people on death row in Oklahoma who have been exonerated and were ultimately released because of evidence of their innocence.

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